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Why Choose Jungle Reign


We analyze the history of your brand and craft a strategy that is in harmony with your brand.


We create, run, optimize and scale campaigns that sell your product efficiently.


We always strive to achieve a
ROI of 4x+ - but we often deliver results far beyond that.

Results Speak For Themselves

Numbers That Make Sense


Is the number of trusted clients we have at Jungle Reign, deliberately kept low to ensure dedicated focus on each one.


Is our average ROI on the ADS we run for our clients at Stage Digital.
We are committed to driving their success.

$1.3 Million

Is the total reported amount of sales generated through our digital marketing for our clients.

We understand the challenges of building a business – it’s undeniably tough.

The constant worry about acquiring the next customer. The stress that keeps you up at night, and the uncertainty turning your hair fifty shades of grey.

On top of that, you’re being pulled in countless directions. Contemplating whether to blog, start a podcast, build a personal brand, or document your life on Instagram.

The dilemma of chatbots, ads, logos, and constant LinkedIn posts adds to the chaos. It’s a familiar tale for many entrepreneurs caught in the web of shiny object syndrome.

Blended with a dash of ADHD and a sprinkle of believing they can do it all. However, in the midst of this chaos, there’s a silver lining.

It’s the opportunity to gain clarity, focus, and strategic direction for your business. If you’re reading this, it’s likely because your business isn’t where you want it to be.

More security, money, freedom, memories, time with family. Or even those business-class flights to sandy destinations with your spouse.

Whatever the case may be, your journey begins by “choosing your own adventure below.”


What We Do.


Done For You

  • We create the strategy

  • We create the campaigns

  • We collect data & optimize

  • We scale to unseen heights

  • We deliver a breathtaking ROI

  • We take care of everything. A-Z

  • You sit back and enjoy bi-weekly sales reports.


Done With You

  • For businesses that need consulting.

  • In conjunction with your team, Eric will construct a premium advertising campaign, and instruct you on how to scale and maintain it in the future.

  • Gives your team great insight into the mechanics of profitable social media advertising, from someone who does it successfully on a daily basis.

  • In-person workshops last from 2 to 3 days, depending on the individual needs of your company.


What We Can Do For You.


We make sure your brand gets seen and attracts more customers.

Web Design

We build you a proven, high converting website.

Google Ads

We skyrocket your brand through the most searched platform.

Meta Ads

We run, scale and optimize your meta ads.

Let's Talk.

Coffee Is On Us

Jungle Reign

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This Is For:

  • Businesses looking to attract more clients and customers with a breathtaking return on investment.

  • Businesses that have capacity for more clients and customers.

  • Businesses that understand that it takes $1 to make $5.

  • Businesses looking for an agency that has no higher priority than the clients it serves.

  • “Building a successful business is more than just getting leads and closing deals. It's about digging into every part of your company, crafting smart strategies for your goals, and

    sticking to the roadmap you've laid out. Think of it like steering a ship through uncharted waters – a mix of planning, execution, and a knack for innovation keeps you sailing towards success.

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